Speed, Accuracy and Integrity in Laboratory Results

Tommy Rodengen, PhD

Originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota, Tommy did his graduate studies at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada.  He returned to Minnesota to be a professor and brewer.  He enjoys analysis of cannabis at a scientific level.  The many benefits of cannabinoids need to be safeguarded by science, so  he is happy to make this safeguard for Montana.  Moving to Montana was easy and beautiful for his family.  He enjoys homebrewing, an ice cold homebrew, and pursuing the research of cannabis.

Emily Nicholson

Born and raised in the Billings area, Emily attended Rocky Mountain College. Majoring in both biology and chemistry, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree from RMC in 2018. After graduating, she worked in an environmental laboratory for three years before shifting her focus to the cannabis industry. Armed with a passion for science and a strong dedication to her work, she is looking forward to her role within the still-emerging world of cannabis testing.

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